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Flagging Operations

In work zones, flaggers are provided to stop traffic as necessitated by the work; or to maintain continuous traffic flow through the work zone at safe

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Detour signs are used to direct traffic away from construction sites or potentially dangerous road conditions. A detour sign may be temporary or long-term. While a

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Permanent Construction (PCS) & Regulatory Signs

B.C. Cannon, Co. has multiple crews available to install signs for: - Neighborhood signage - Decorative signposts and neighborhood lighting - Cluster and decorative mailbox -

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Traffic Control Plans

When construction, maintenance and special events suspend or interrupt the normal function of the roadway, a traffic control plan is developed to ensure the safety of

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Rolling Operations

A rolling operation is a temporary traffic control method that removes traffic from the roadway work zone activity area, allowing road work to be performed by

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Lane Closures – Interstate, Primary & Secondary

B.C. Cannon, Co crews are certified by ITRE to perform work zone closures for both North and South Carolina Types of Closures: - Lanes Closures (Interstate,

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