40 Years

Established in 1982, we at B.C. Cannon Co. are more than just a business—we are family.

For over 38 years, BC Cannon has been the region’s premier traffic safety company and chosen guardian of heavy highway projects, worksites and construction endeavors throughout the Southeast. Three generations of the Cannon family have answered the call to keep customers safe with meticulously-planned work zone setups, certified traffic control plans, and the sales & rental of top-tier safety equipment.

As the #1 vendor for nationally-renown products like SolarTech & Wanco message boards, TrafFix Safety Equipment and myriad other traffic control devices, BC Cannon is able to extend savings and services to clients that is simply unparalleled in the region. All our dependable employees are highly-skilled and routinely trained and certified through ATTSA, CACG, SCDOT and numerous other safety education courses—ensuring the customer that their project and workers are in the most highly-trusted and capable hands possible.

With locations in Greenville SC and Charleston SC, BC Cannon is able to quickly and efficiently service all of our satisfied customers in South Carolina, Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee with ease and flexibility. From large-scale state DOT highway projects lasting years to the simple installation of a water main on a country road, BC Cannon boasts a client list that includes some of the top names and contractors in the world.

Ask anyone who knows and they’ll tell you: Traffic safety has only one name—it’s BC Cannon.

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BC Cannon sells, services, and rents work-zone and road-closure equipment for jobs in SC, NC, TN, and GA.

We offer competitive pricing and unparalleled support.

B.C. Cannon offers: