These days, one of the calls I get most often from contractors pertaining to ‘traffic control’ is regarding flagging; or moreso the lack of ‘qualified’ workers available to do flagging. We’re in one of the greatest labor challenges of our time and everyone is facing the same issues. Couple those with the dangers of flaggers being in the roadway (South Carolina for example just became #1 in US in traffic-related fatalities) and one can see that an alternative is greatly needed.

One solution BC Cannon has found extremely helpful–if not ‘pivotal’-for our our GCs, clients and partners is the usage of AFADs for their traffic control/flagging operations. AFAD is short for ‘Automated Flagger Assistance Device’ and the clients who rent or have purchased them from us have described them as a “game changer.”

Don’t know what AFADs are? You’re not alone.

In fact, so many people ask me the same question that we put together the attached/downloadable flyer to give the world’s quickest/shortest/most straight-to-the-point overview of what AFADS are–as well as what they aren’t. To check it out click HERE to download a PDF version OR keep reading.


AFAD Overview


Question #1: What is an AFAD?

An AFAD is a portable flagging station that removes the traditional human flagger from the road while providing motorists w clear guidance through a work site/temporary traffic control zone.

Question #2: Are AFADs DOT legal?

Wanco AFADs are approved and meet DOT specs/qualified product standards for SC, NC, TN as well as most other states.

Question #3: Will AFADs save me from having to use any human flaggers?

You will still need human flaggers; just less of them. Reduced labor leads to reduced expenses, employee headaches and risk. Many state DOT specs like South Carolina’s require two certified flaggers to operate AFADs (others let you use one as long as they have line of site) but the specs differ by state.

Question #4: Will AFADs improve safety?

Yes! AFADs help keep your workers safe by allowing them to conduct flagging operations from the side of the roadway with the click of a button vs standing in or aside the travel lane.

Question #5: What is involved with the setup & maintenance of AFADs?

Nested Tow Option

Setup is simple and takes just a few minutes thanks to the easy-to-use, touch screen color controllers. Dual tow and tandem tow options make transporting and deploying AFADs a breeze. Wanco AFADs are battery powered, solar assisted. The trailers will run autonomous year round. The controllers have an industry-leading 60 hr battery life and there are charging stations for the controllers on each unit!

Question #6: How do I know if I need AFADs?

Simple. Ask yourself two questions:

  • A) With driving fatalities and accidents at an all-time high, would your workers benefit from a device that allows them to flag traffic efficiently and out of harms way?
  • B) Would you like to save money on your traffic control costs and overall project budget?

The math is easy. The safety is unquestionable.



Luke Cunningham is the Sales Manager for BC Cannon Inc. He can be reached at 843-749-2724 or by email at

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