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Automated Flagger



The Automated Flagging Assistance Devices (AFAD) can be operated by a wireless radio remote, manual remote or fully automatic with the use of radars. AFAD”S can be deployed in the work zone with either single or two trailer operations and offers single or two trailer towing (tandem pulled) making it easy to transport back and forth to the job site. Typical AFAD’s have a Red/Yellow Lens device that meets the 2009 Federal Highway Administration MUTCD Section 6E.04 specification. The combination of Red/Yellow Signal Lights & Gate Arm offers the highest viability for the traveling public. Typical applications include: highway construction (milling & paving), water line repairs/installations, power line repairs/installations & tree work
This system allows for Flaggers to be removed from the roadway, which can reduce labor costs and lessen the opportunity for the occurrence of human errors.